The Benefits of Music in Our Lives

Benefits of musicEach day I interact with music even if it is on a subconscious level.  It helps me in so many different ways and can alter my mood in just a few minutes of a good song.  If I feel angry I will listen to some heavy metal or rap music.  It varies from day to day but the best part of music is how relaxed it makes me feel.  Not only does music have influence over your mood, it also has health benefits that have been proven as well.

Music and Relaxing Music

Mediation has been one of the most important things in my life to help me find relaxation and inner peace in my life.  I usually meditate at the same time of day and listen to a very simple melody while wearing headphones.  It is one of the cheapest solutions to letting go of that unwanted tension.  If you decide to meditate, make sure to do it on a regular basis to see maximum results.

There have been studies done on people that listen to relaxing music everyday.  Most of the patients that listened at least 30 minutes a day saw their blood pressure drop significantly.  Just like the patients that saw a reduction in blood pressure, the same patients had improved memory performance when tested.

Since meditating everyday, I have been a more productive person.  With mental clarity I have found that it helps me when I practice my instrument or study for school.  A less cluttered mind has given me a sense of accomplishment and I am more in the moment with my music.

If you feel sad or even suffer from depression, I recommend taking a moment and listen to your favorite music.  Something that is upbeat and positive will help you with cheer up.  It only takes a moment to start feeling better and you can do it by going online or listening to the radio.

A huge benefit is that it will help your sleep patterns and with deeper sleep.  Listening to relaxing music has shown that it helps listeners fall asleep more quickly.  This is because of the altered brain wave state it puts you in.  Also, the monitored insomniacs while listening to peaceful music and found that it helped regulate their sleep as well.  I can also state that I have had much better sleep since listening to restful music before bed.

Including Relaxing Music in Your Everyday Life Now

Making a habit of listening to peaceful or relaxing music everyday seems easy to do but takes effort in the beginning.  All it takes is 30 minutes of music and do something that is not stressful and that brings you joy.  It helps if you take time at the same time of the day to listen so your body will adjust and be more ready to relax.  Using some of the tips in the article will help you live a more positive life.  Please let us know how these tips have impacted you below in the comment section.

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