The Importance of Buying a Metronome

MetronomeA metronome is one of the most simple gadgets you can pickup on the market from 10 dollars and up.  It holds a consistent beat so you can follow along with playing your music.  You can adjust the beat per minute or BPM to go with the piece of music that you are playing.  My main question is, why are most artists overlooking the use of metronomes?  I even overlooked the purchase of mine until a year after learning to play.

So we can all admit that there is nothing sexy about a metronome and we can spend our money on other items.  The one thing we overlook though is our own emotions once we start playing a piece of music.  Sometimes we will speed up and slow down without even intentionally noticing.  I would also have problems following my band instructor before I started using a metronome.  Lets take a deeper look at the different types of metronomes on the market and some other solutions if you are on a very tight budget.

What type of Metronome Works for You?

You will find a few different types of metronomes on the market, the cheapest one being digital.  The digital metronome will make a clicking sound through a small speaker and usually will have some type of knob on it.  The know will adjust the BPM or the tempo you start off with.  Digital metronomes can be very cheap or very expensive based on how much you want to spend.  There really isn’t a reason to spend more than 40 bucks on a metronome.  The metronome is just to keep tempo and will easily fit in your pocket or music bag.

After you purchase a metronome, how fast should you play?  Well I would always start at one of the lowest BPM settings and work your way up.  When you are learning a new piece of music it usually isn’t a rush.  I find it harder to learn a new piece of sheet music if I start at a fast tempo and then slow it down.  If you are getting private music lessons, it is always a good idea to take your metronome with you.

Final Thoughts on Getting a Metronome Today

So if for some reason you just can’t afford a metronome or you need something while you wait for your order off the internet, don’t worry.  You can find a video off of the internet with specific BPM to play with.  We have included one for you at a lower BPM.  So there really is no excuse to not pick one up or follow a long with the video.

Metronomes have been used for centuries now and there is a reason why.  The are essential to learning regardless of how good you are.  I have been playing the trombone for a little over 8 years now and still follow along and so should you.  If you have any questions about a good resource to picking one up, leave a comment below.  Also you can reach us on our contact page above.

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